A New Chapter


Hi! Awkward opening, but I was not to sure how to start this, I have a lot I would like to write about, but I’ve also been very indecisive about where to start, this is one of the many reasons I love being a submissive, I throughly enjoy decisions being made for me ;) 

Anyway enough about that, we’ll save the lascivious chat for another post. I have a little announcement to make…I am now dabbling in this naughty little world full time as well as pursuing my passion for filmmaking and photography with more velocity. 

As my regulars will know, I have an unending affinity for art, I love viewing it, getting lost in it, and most importantly creating it, I have very recently resigned from my full time civilian job in this field, to give myself more time to focus on my own personal creative projects, & to also have more availability to play with the whimsical souls, I have been fortunate enough to share lustful moments with. 

So if you struggled to book me in the past, please do get in touch, my schedule is a lot more open and I would love to meet you. 

Skylar x