An Ode To Summer

Skylar Parkar

Recently the sky has been more grey than blue and the leaves on the tree's are slowly starting to change colour, I have an endless affinity for summer so for the most part I have been in denial about the fact that the seasons were changing, but as I stepped out for my morning run today, I concluded there was no point continuing to live in denial about the situation. Summer is over, sadly, but my god it was beautiful.

I apologise for the gap in-between blog posts, I've honestly just spent way too much time indulging in carnal pleasures, whilst also working on several creative projects outside of*Skylar*, subsequently I've found myself in a curious position of having a lot of material to write about but not enough time to do so. I will definitely work to change this, thats a promise. 

This was my first summer as *Skylar* and it was divine, I've met so many beautiful souls, and I am more than grateful to lead the life that I do. I feel more fulfilled and sexually awakened, whilst I love being a filmmaker, I'm also grateful for my secret life, it's been filled with lustful rendezvous and temporary paramours, this summer has been divine, I honestly couldn't ask for more. 

The most beautiful memories are the ones you cant talk about ;), so if we've met and you've found yourself back on my site and on this page in particular, then this is for you, and I guess its a sign that the feeling is mutual.

Thank you for the memories, until we meet again.

Skylar x

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