Etiquette: Submissive Booking Requests

Recently there has been an increase in the amount of submissive booking requests I receive, which I love as I thoroughly enjoy exploring BDSM and submission in particular, several clients have mentioned they were unsure how to approach me for these types of sessions so view this blog post as a quick and painless guide. 

First of all it is important to note that I am not squeamish and I throughly enjoy what I do, please do not be  afraid to reach out, the main thing I ask for, is for you to be honest open and give as much information as possible. 

This means that I usually prefer an email over a phone-call for these kinds of sessions, as you can list everything you would like to try, and fantasies you would like to explore, due to the nature of these sessions, a quick phone-call  will not suffice, I always call perspective dominant clients to discuss the request further, but I'd prefer a detailed email to begin with.

I've also had clients book me and then wait until the day of our meeting to mention that they were also wanting to explore submission, whilst I know that these things can happen, & your wants and needs can very easily change last minute, advance notice is not a prerequisite but it is always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

I approach booking from clients seeking my submissive services slightly differently, to the way I do clients asking for a GFE date, I do this ensure the chemistry is right and to ascertain whether there is symbiosis in terms of our needs, this is more than just about financial gain for me, I want to ensure that my dominant experiences euphoric pleasure, that is what truly satisfies me.

My screening methods gives me the confidence, faith and the conviction needed to submit to him wholly, so in short, email your licentious and salacious requests to me, give lots of detail, be open to my screening methods, and trust that there is nothing to daring or off putting to me, I love working in this world and I deeply enjoy what I do. x