The Intricacies Of Intimacy


You speak and its pure poetry and with each word I melt, then I give you all of me, I have no idea exactly how it happens or why it happens maybe its the pheromones or the energy you go into a meeting with that helps the outcome, that heartbreakingly beautiful connection that happens in the smallest periods of time. 

The moments that leave you in a complete and utter lust filled daze with nothing but questions, was this real? Why do I ache for more? Should I be aching for more? I cant quite put into words this visceral feeling and I honestly wont even try too, how can one properly put into a cohesive sentence the effervescent & euphoric feeling of being skin to skin & connecting so deeply with a total stranger?

The insanity of being wrapped up in each others arms but feeling like you’re not close enough. When you close your eyes and work to absorb each moment and still it’s not enough, they pull away for split second but you pull them back in because you need them closer.

Before this lifestyle, I didn't know what it truly felt like to share energy, with another soul. That feeling where every touch is electric a series of love letters hand written into each others skin, eyes gazing into you and through you, yearning to be let in. 

Exchanging energy, giving & taking & giving again, blessing each-other with each touch, holding on tightly because its still not enough, is this what it feels like when souls intertwine? I’ve asked this question many times, if i’m being completely honest, I’m still not sure.

I think the temporary environment is what allows people to be more free, and more giving, the fact that their wont be any further questions or expectations means that it’s easier to fully give yourself to someone else without fear of judgement, I think it’s beautiful, one of life’s rarest gifts.

I’m always grateful for these moments, I go week to week living on the symbiotic energy exchanged during these moments. The goodbye’s are always sincere, as it truly could be the last time we meet, I always hope its not but being a temporary paramour, means just that, the illicit lust is temporary, but do note that the time spent together was real, visceral, beautiful, you may be reading this, thinking it’s not about you, or that I forgot you, it is, and I promise I didn’t.