The Poetic Harlot

Hello lover, sorry for gaps in posting, if you follow my twitter, you'll know I've been up to no-good & making films ;).
Alas I have some exciting news for you, as most of my clients know I write a lot of poetry and have done for quite some-time now. It's been exactly one year and a couple months of me existing as a harlot and to celebrate I've decided to put my poetic musing online. 

I have so much I'd like to express, but I routinely find myself struggling with how best to do so, I feel like, is the perfect outlet for this. 

 I'm really excited to share this side of me with you, I want to improve my writing skills in general and I think writing more poetry will also help me improve my screenwriting skills, at the heart of it, you're just telling stories & I want to get better at doing that in all art-forms.

Plus there will come a time when I eventually retire "Skylar" and work as filmmaker full-time and I think the poetic harlot will still exists, as I see myself always being a tad lascivious in my civilian life and needing an anonymous poetic outlet.

I'd highly recommend you follow the Twitter & Instagram for this new little world of mine to keep up-to-date with my weekly musings. 

Skylar xxx