A New York Minute


Happy New Year lovers, I know it’s January 21st so a little late in the month to open with that but I mean it! Speaking of late  things, this blog post is also very overdue, my sincere apologies for my silence. I’ve been working away on personal projects, that have left me with very little time to write down my thoughts.

Which is no fun, given that I’ve had countless musing’s pulsate through my brain, I’ve been solely focused on the pre-production aspects of several new short films that I plan to bring to life this year.

But I’m here now and so are you, so lets begin. You may or may not be aware that I will be travelling to NYC (I'm currently on the west coast of the USA attending a film festival) what started off as a personal trip, has quickly turned into a mini tour of sorts. My plans for NYC were originally pure and wholesome, but all of that changed a couple of days ago.

As most of you will know, I’m a hard working full time filmmaker, film is my life and my main focus, “Skylar” is my escape and guilty pleasure, that I engage in from time to time to quell the lascivious urges that bubble up inside me. Without this lifestyle I’m not quite sure what I would do to satiate some of my not-so vanilla desires, & general need for unbridled passion.

But I digress… 2017 was very much a break-through year for me, three of the short-films I had written, directed, edited and produced (Yes self funded independent filmmakers have no choice but to do it all) had gotten into several film festivals one of them being a festival I have longed to attend and have my work shown at.

The opportunity to do both last year opened the door for more work & gave me the much needed eligibility & confidence to apply for funding from major organisations that were once closed off to me.

Whilst this filled me with great joy it also unleashed a wave of internal questions, the main one being, what next? Naturally my long term goal is to make a feature film, I’m working on a script at present and have been for quite some-time now, that is my hearts desire but with something as expensive & risky as making a feature film, desire is simply not enough and there are many different mountains that I’ll have to climb to get to that stage none of them scare me, they mostly just motivate me to push forward. 

In the meantime I have been wanting to improve my current skill set & challenge myself so I will be pursuing a masters degree in film, specialising in cinematography, I studied at an elite university in NYC for my undergraduate degree & I am now strongly considering a masters degree at another well respected institution in the city.

So this trip was originally only meant to be for reuniting with old friends & campus tours, but lust got the better of me ;), NYC is one of four cities I am considering, London is also definitely a front runner, so do not fret my UK dwelling paramours, you have not lost me just yet. 

I say all of that to say that this year for me, is all about growth and moving forward. I have yet to decide on which postgraduate institution to attend, but I am confident in my choice to pursue a masters degree & I am excited to see what the future holds.

I am always reachable via email, so feel free to get in touch to make plans for meetings of a licentious nature, when I return to London, which will be on the 6th February 2018.


Skylar x