Hello lover, it has been more than a while, since we’ve spoken. I apologise for my absence, but life & creativity got the better of me. 

Happy belated, belated, belated Valentines day! I hope you got to spend it with a lover or lover’s ;) . As  most know in my civilian life I am a filmmaker and at present, I’ve been very focused on creating new short film’s to submit to film festivals, whilst also working to shore up more commercial work. This has meant that my blog has not received the TLC it deserves. 

I cant promise that I will update more frequently. but my poetry blog The Poetic Harlot is updated on a monthly basis, so I recommend following it’s twitter account, to see when I post new content. 

I love writing poetry and I find it to be the purest & most honest form of communication. Writing poetry feels just like breathing, it comes naturally. 

Where am I? well at present I am currently in Sydney, Australia. This is my first trip down-under and so far it’s been amazing.  I’ve been itching to visit somewhere new and Australia has been on my bucket list for quite sometime. 

I’m also trying to make a film festival submission deadline, so me, my hard drive & editing software are currently on a new adventure. The hopeless romantic in me loves writing & editing abroad, I love the sentimental attachment I form to a city knowing that a certain scene was written or an idea for a new project was conceived there.

I am also completely and utterly obsessed with summer. So it made sense to escape the cold of England for a warmer climate. So far the weather has been glorious. And I’ve written more poetry in the last 48 hours than I have in the last month. The sunshine does that to me.