I'm so excited to meet you & begin an epic journey, to avoid delay and ensure we get off to an excellent start, please hand me your gift in an envelope, I will then excuse myself to the bathroom to count the gift and ensure it is the correct amount, this will only take two minutes once everything is confirmed our erotic experience will begin.

*Disclaimer if we are meeting in a public setting, please discreetly hand me the gift in small bag, I will excuse myself to the bathroom to confirm the amount, this will always only take about two minutes. If you fall short of the gift amount, I will terminate the date immediately, I love making new connections and I would be saddened if our date did not work out, so please adhere to my policy to avoid disappointment.

first impressions

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting ready to meet a new paramour, I put  maximum effort into looking my best, and I promise to  be everything you expect and more.

Physical hygiene is very important, when engaging in such lascivious and erotic activities bad breath and poor hygiene can kill the mood. On my side I can promise that will never happen and I would greatly appreciate the same from you, please be freshly showered and groomed at the start of our date, I am very flexible and always ok with adding an extra 15 minutes to allow for this.