Submission VS The Girlfriend Experience

"Come Closer" my favourite sentence, can a lover ever be close enough? in fact what is close enough? close enough to hear your heart beat? close enough to feel your breathe on my neck? close enough to feel? Really feel? I think before you make your choice it is always important to investigate your potential paramour. 

You may be wondering why I would offer both services instead of one or the other, or you may think the submissive part of my offering is for marketing reasons. Both assumptions are reasonable but also miles away from the truth, I consider myself a bit of a hybrid, I have a lustful need for both of these things, I enjoy the intensity & divine romance of GFE, but I also have a very real perverted need to be dominated, controlled, owned, it does something for me that I cant quite put into words, but that is why I offer both of these experiences, what can I say? I'm a little greedy & ever so slightly perverted, below I go into more detail about both of my affinities





It always starts with knowing looks, whether that be in a busy bar, intimate restaurant or an enchanting art gallery, it is always the same, a knowing look that leads to so much more. It's one of the many things I love about this experience, that second our eyes meet, I'm always immediately filled with excitement and intrigue, ready to delve into the mind of the charming man who chose to spend time with me. 

The lead up to my dates are always especially thrilling, I spend most of my time wondering and fantasising about what is in store, and thinking of all the different ways that I can please my soon to be paramour. For me GFE is a slow and sensual encounter, filled with a lot of loving and caring moments, whether it be an hour or a weekend tryst.

I am happy to be your witty & classy date at a public event, or your partner in crime on a cross country road trip. I am also comfortable in more intimate settings, nothing compares to a lovely candlelight dinner and the company of a charming man. I find this experience magical, there is literally nothing more beautiful in life, than the feeling of being connected to another person & the Girlfriend Experience allows for that connection to be real & very visceral. 



Follow me into a world of sin and carnal desire


My reasons for offering the submissive experience are quite simple, I enjoy being dominated and forming a connection with my paramour in a more unconventional way, I love the pure sensory experience of being dominated, I'm very turned on by the Adrenaline rush I get the moment I lock eyes with my dominant, I love being taken control of, I am turned on by the idea of someone else being in complete control of what I say and do. 

 I offer an elite submissive experience, unique to each suitor and so it is hard for me to list a blanket offering, but what I can say is that I am rarely shocked and extremely perverted, nothing is ever to far, or too much, so please don't be afraid to ask, I am ready and waiting & very open to suggestions, as always email (hello@skylarparkar.com) if you'd like to discuss this further. x